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Connor LaRocque, Canada’s Most Sought-After Marketer Offers Strong Advice to Up and Coming Entrepreneurs

We are a team of Social Media Experts, driven by results.

At SocialRise, we turn massive attention into revenue for your business through digital marketing. We build all of your marketing campaigns using content creation, graphic design, and video production to position your brand front and center in your demographic and niche.

Our philosophy is that “leads are the new currency”! We guarantee leads for our clients with each of the marketing plans we develop and design. Our goal is not just to make you look good online, but to also add another source of income to your business through our digital marketing strategies.

Marketers fail when they’re unable to provide their clients with a trackable return on investment for their advertising efforts. Every campaign we run is tracked, measured, and quantified down to the penny, providing you with your customer acquisition costs, law of average, and what it will take to generate a return on investment.

Our Services

We work with a variety of clients on both a local level and national scale. Our niche is helping small to medium sized businesses completely 10X their social media and content. We can take a company with no social media presence and build a massive omnipresence within a month for your company.









Palladino Lending Solutions

Palladino Lending Solutions is a new division of the Palladino Auto Group that deals with challenged credit. SocialRise launched this new division with an explosive marketing campaign that generated:

  • Over 100,000 views within the first week of launch on all of the social media content;
  • A complete content library with graphics, produced videos, and articles;
  • Worked hand in hand with the executive team to generate 100’s of leads during a pandemic

Kuula Team Sudbury

The Kuula Team is the biggest Real Estate team in northern Ontario. They sell a home every 27 hours. SocialRise completely rebranded the Kuula Team across all of their social media channels, is generating both buyer and seller leads, and is producing all of their videos. 

  • Complete Rebrand on social media;
  • Got Steven Kuula Featured in Yahoo Finance; 
  • Full marketing plans and lead generation campaigns every month; 
  • Set an industry-standard in the north for social media content

Our Team

Connor LaRocque

Chief Executive Officer

Kaija McDonough

Chief Marketing Officer

Cassandra Vanderpluym

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Lindsay McCann

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Abbie Trottier

Graphic Designer

Emerson Bardales

Videographer & Editor